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on the A63 in Castets, les Landes
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General conditions

ARTICLE 1 : Application of the general conditions of sale

The present general conditions of sale apply to the services provided by the establishment.
These general conditions of sale are sent to the customer at the same time as the estimate, to enable him to make his reservation. Any reservation therefore implies the client's full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions to the exclusion of any other document such as brochures, commercial documents, etc.

ARTICLE II : Reservation - Deposit

The client must confirm his reservation before the end of the option by mail or email, accompanied by a deposit by any means of payment at his convenience, equivalent to 30% of the amount of the stay. In the absence of payment, the establishment does not confirm the reservation and does not guarantee the availability of the reserved spaces/rooms.

Article L214-1 - Creation Ordinance n°2016-301 of 14 March 2016 - art.

Unless otherwise stipulated, for any contract of sale or provision of services concluded between a professional and a consumer, the sums paid in advance are deposits, within the meaning of Article 1590 of the Civil Code. In this case, each of the contracting parties can go back on his commitment, the consumer losing the deposit, the professional giving it back twice as much.

ARTICLE III : Organization of the reservation

  •     Rooms: The rooms will be made available to the beneficiaries from 4 pm and must be vacated by noon on the day of departure. If this time limit is exceeded, a "late departure" supplement of 30 € will be charged, and after 3 pm, an additional night will be charged.
  •     Breakfast: the client must cancel the number of breakfasts at the latest the day before, at 11pm. Beyond this time, the hotel reserves the right to charge for breakfasts even if they are not consumed.
  •     No-shows: "No-shows" (services ordered and not cancelled) will be invoiced on the basis of the entire stay.


ARTICLE IV : Long stay

In case of a long stay (more than one week), an invoice will be established per week.

ARTICLE V : Modification des prestations

Any request for a change in services in relation to the reservation made must be sent in writing to the establishment. The modification can only be accepted and confirmed according to the availability of the establishment at the time of the request.

ARTICLE VI : Total or partial cancellation

Total cancellation:
The deposit is a means of cancellation. They will be deducted at the end of the agreed period. In case of cancellation, the deposit is lost.

Partial cancellation :
In the case of a shortened stay, of a shifted arrival date, the deposit will be lost, in proportion to the cancelled nights.

ARTICLE VII: Relocation

In the event of force majeure, the establishment reserves the right to accommodate participants in whole or in part in another hotel of equivalent category for services of the same nature. Any accommodation costs in excess of those initially planned will be borne by the establishment and will not give rise to any additional compensation.


The rates are expressed in euros including all taxes. The rates confirmed on the reservation request are firm until the date of the end of the option exercise. After this period, they may be modified according to economic conditions. The applicable rates are those in effect on the day of the service. They may be modified in the event of legislative and/or regulatory changes likely to lead to price variations such as: modification of the applicable VAT rate, introduction of new taxes, etc.

ARTICLE IX: Promotional stay

Promotions are not cumulative, cannot be changed or cancelled and are valid at the price and dates indicated. Special conditions: prepayment of hotel nights is mandatory at the time of booking. Any modification or cancellation is impossible after the reservation. In case of cancellation, the amount of the hotel nights is due in full.


ARTICLE X: Terms of payment

The terms of payment of the price are as follows:
At the end of your stay, the deposit will be deducted from the final invoice, for the period initially planned. The balance invoices are payable on the day of departure at the latest. Unless otherwise agreed, no delay in payment is granted. The payment of extras (laundry, drinks, telephone, tourist tax...) claimed to the participants, will be ensured by the participants concerned before their departure. In the absence of payment, the invoice will be sent to the client who undertakes to pay it on receipt, failing which the bank card used as a guarantee may be debited for the amount due.
Any delay in payment will result in the invoicing of late payment penalties of 40 euros (Decree n° 2012-1115 of October 2, 2012).

ARTICLE XI : Insurance - damage - breakage - theft

The client must ensure the custody of his goods and materials. A safe is available at the reception. The client must inform the establishment of any damage caused by him. He is responsible for all damages caused by his intermediary and commits himself, in case of damage of the places put at disposal, (room, sanitary common spaces) to support the costs of restoration. The bill will be sent to the client who undertakes to pay it on receipt, failing which the bank card used as a guarantee may be debited for the amount due.
Any delay in payment will give rise to the invoicing of late payment penalties in the amount of 40 euros (Decree No. 2012-1115 of October 2, 2012).

ARTICLE XII : Recommandations

The client agrees not to invite any person whose behavior is likely to be prejudicial to the establishment, the latter reserving the right to intervene if necessary. The client agrees to respect, and to ensure that his guests respect, all the rules and regulations of the establishment (including the ban on smoking). The customer will take care not to disturb the exploitation of the establishment, and not to undermine the safety of the establishment as well as the people who are there.

ARTICLE XII : Force majeure

The establishment will be able to release itself from its obligations or to suspend the execution if it is in the impossibility of assuming them because of the occurrence of a case of absolute necessity, and in particular in the event of total or partial destruction of the establishment, strike etc...


After having referred the matter to the litigation department and in the absence of a satisfactory response within one month, the customer may refer the matter to the Tourism and Travel Ombudsman, whose contact details and procedures for referral are available on his website: www.mtv.travel.

ARTICLE XIV: Personal Data

Any service will be subject to a recording accessible by the Customer on request at the following address: hotellesbruyeres@orange.fr
In accordance with Law 78-17 "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978 as amended, customers have the right to access, rectify and oppose the personal data processed concerning them.
The Customer may also refuse the processing, request a limitation of the processing or ask for the deletion (within the limits of the legal retention periods) of personal data.
This right can be exercised by simple written request to hotellesbruyeres@orange.fr who will respond to the requests made.
The purpose of the treatment of the personal data collected corresponds to the obligations relating to the services carried out (customer management, commercial prospecting...)
Personal data will be kept for commercial prospecting purposes for a maximum of 3 years from the last relationship with our services.

Some personal data may be collected for services provided by the hotel's service providers. Find here their documents relating to the protection of users' personal data:
10 impasse Lichard
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